Skanlux summerhouse

Skanlux is a company that creates exclusive dreams in the form of summerhouses with very special flair for its clients. The lively architecture that characterises Skanlux homes was combined with HARO strip parquet in Skanlux Funki in Vedbaek – the result is an open living area that is brimming with light and produces an unbelievably great room feeling.


Zealand is Denmark’s largest island. In addition to being the home of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, the island is the site of magnificent beaches, particularly on the eastern coast where fishing villages dot the coastline. Vedbaek is one of them. It is a town with a beach that is loved by tourists and a charming harbour north of Copenhagen. No matter whether visitors want to go swimming, sail or simply explore the coast in a SUV, Vedbaek provides the perfect setting year-round with its endless dunes and gorgeous vegetation. 

Scandinavian construction style combined with high-quality strip parquet 

The Skanlux summerhouse is characterised by one feature in particular: its open room design. The large bedroom on the ground floor is the only closed room. But it, too, offers an unobstructed view of the house’s garden. The kitchen, living room and dining area form one single unit. Light pours into the room through the area’s front panel of windows. Your eye is caught by the banister-less stairs that lead to the second floor and the cosy area around the fireplace. 

The builders chose something very special when they selected the flooring for the house: HARO two-layer parquet in the Allegro design. The strips in the format of 10 x 70 x 490 millimetres were laid in the traditional herringbone pattern, a style for which the Allegro strip parquet in HARO product range is absolutely predestined. In selecting the wood, the builders chose the pleasantly bright colour Oak Puro White. It is a colour that fits perfectly into the light-filled living area. The matt glossy naturaLin plus parquet surface creates a silky, appealing look in the more than 150 square metre living area. The Skanlux summerhouse is another prime example of the perfect way that Scandinavian architecture and the HARO product range go so well together. 


Vedbaek, Denmark
150 square metres
Photo / Hamberger Flooring GmbH&Co.KG/ HARO

HARO strip parquet Allegro Oak Puro White