Denmark is not only worth a trip from a tourist perspective, our neighbours in northern Europe are also world famous for design, innovation and an uncomplicated way of life. One family fulfilled its dream of stylish living on the island of Zealand, including HARO laminate floors.

If you ask travellers how they would briefly describe Denmark, then their answers always include characteristics such as a zest for life, sense of design and lively lifestyle. Typical Scandinavian houses are located amid pristine nature, are made of natural materials – often featuring a colourful wooden façade – and equipped with large windows to welcome a lot of light into the rooms. A family fulfilled their dream of having such a living space in Hillerød, a beautiful town which is located on the island of Zealand. Zealand belongs to the Capital Region of Denmark, which also includes the capital city of Copenhagen in the easternmost corner of the country. Moreover, it is the largest island in Baltic Sea and home to nearly 40 per cent of the Danish population. Not far away from Hillerød, there is one of Denmark’s most spectacular tourist attractions, the Renaissance Castle Frederiksborg, the buildings of which span across three islets in the lake bearing the same name.

The single-family house on the outskirts of Hillerød is generously designed as a single-storey villa. In contrast to a classic bungalow, it features a gabled roof instead of a flat one, thus creating inclined ceilings. The vast living and dining area was fitted with HARO laminate flooring, as were the bedroom and the entry space. The home-builders selected the version Gran Via French Oak Light authentic, which is an extremely uncomplicated floor and the perfect match for light furniture. The light oak hue truly complements the large-format GranVia. This combination make the rooms appear even larger, while also providing good a good amount of light yield. A total of more than 140 square metres of floor space was covered with the HARO laminate flooring and the sound impact attenuation underneath the entire area ensures the highest degree of comfort. 

Elegant residential house on the Danish island of Zealand
Hillerød, Denmark
140 sqm
Foto: Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG/ HARO

HARO laminate floor version Gran Via French Oak Light authentic