Summer house Hvide

The western coast of Denmark is known for its expansive dunes covered in white sand and its excellent swimming locations. A private summer house that embodies the Danish way of living has been built in the port city of Hvide Sande: uncomplicated, bright and very cosy.

Hvide Sande means – you guessed it – “white sand”. And this coastal region in western Denmark is teeming with it. The popular holiday location has a charming harbour and a range of shopping opportunities. But the main attraction is the endless expanse of dunes to explore and the excellent swimming offered by the sea in the summer. The private summer house that was built near the sea here offers more than enough room and chic comfort for a large family. 

The centrepiece of the house is the huge living and dining area that includes an integrated open kitchen. The room is glassed-in on two sides and creates a feeling of immensity thanks to the gabled ceiling that spreads out above it. The dark, wooden kitchen island that divides the room in two serves as a powerful contrast to the white kitchen furniture. The friendly atmosphere and profusion of light that pours into the room prompted the builders to select a somewhat darker floor. They decided to use HARO laminate flooring in GRAN VIA design, Oak Portland Nature style and bevelled edges on four sides. About 95 square metres of space were covered with this flooring. The builders also used insulation underlays as a way to increase comfort. 

The colour of the style harmonises perfectly with the bright walls and the huge windows that produce such a striking light mood in the huge living room. The large format GRAN VIA creates a room-expanding look. The sea appears to be nothing more than a stone’s throw away from the dining area. The furniture that is so typical of Scandinavia lends the room a touch of Danish charm that German holidaymakers will love.   

Summer house with a view of the sea in Hvide Sande
Hvide Sande, Denmark
95 m2
Foto: Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG/ HARO

HARO laminate floor GRAN VIA Oak Portland Nature