luxury holiday home Hinnerup

To many people, a bungalow is the epitome of spacious living – ideally set in the middle of a charming countryside. Skanlux, a provider of holiday residences, offers dream living opportunities throughout Denmark to holidaymakers. The company offers one particularly beautiful home in Hinnerup, Denmark.

The heartland of Denmark is not as well known to tourists as the country’s coastal regions are. But the countryside found in these areas is just as lovely as any location travellers will find along the seaside. Hinnerup is just a 30-minute drive from a larger city named Randers. It is a true natural paradise. Skanlux has erected a very elegant villa here. It is the perfect starting point for a relaxing holiday. When you see the villa, your eye is immediately caught by the house’s expansive wooden terrace, a two-level patio built on one side of the house. From here, you pass through the covered section of the terrace and enter the bright, spacious dining room with adjoining kitchen. Large, operable window fronts located on both sides of the dining area allow vast amounts of light to pour into the spacious room. This bright area is accentuated by the very elegant strip parquet that has been laid in a herringbone bond pattern. 

Skanlux houses are known for their luxurious appointments. This commitment extends naturally to the flooring used in them as well. The floor chosen for the villa in Hinnerup was Allegro-design strip parquet – Oak Light White with trendy structures. Thanks to the expert laying down done by professionals, the herringbone bond pattern creates an especially lively feeling in the 120 square metre room. In combination with the very light oak, the room has an exquisite, airy and friendly feel about it – and the bright dining area forms the chic centre of the entire bungalow. Most of all, when you open the sliding glass doors, the elegant wooden terrace spreads out in front of you, serving as a natural and spacious accent to entire dining area. As a result, residents of the house can move freely in and out of the residence and enjoy a very special feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. 

Chic luxury holiday home by Skanlux in Hinnerup
Hinnerup, Denmark
120 m2
Foto: Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG/ HARO

HARO strip parquet Allegro Oak Light White