Dietmann furniture store

The Dietmann furniture store has stood for real passion for wood since 1905. Precious furniture produced by the company’s own artisans continues to play the leading role in today’s company. How could this furniture be showcased even better than with an elegant HARO parquet floor?

Dietmann, a furniture and kitchen specialist in the northern Bavarian town of Schwanfeld, is a company whose long history is intimately tied to the natural material of wood. The company was founded by the village furniture maker Anton Dietmann. He soon became known for his passion for wood, a craftsman who used nothing but the highest quality from the very beginning when he turned his furniture designs into real products in his own workshop. 

Today, the Dietmann brand and the furniture company bearing the same name are highly respected among industry insiders. The store is still based in Schwandorf, where it showcases upscale furniture and kitchens on more than 1,000 square metres of selling space. Dietmann furniture is also sold in stores throughout Germany. 

The store’s largest showroom, an area with 160 square metres of selling space, was renovated as part of an overall redesign of the store’s showrooms. In selecting the flooring for this showroom, the owners made a decision that reflected their intense connection to wood itself: high-quality parquet. They ultimately selected the finely brushed HARO Parquet 4000 series in Plank-1 Strip, Oak Shell Grey, Markant on the basis of one key factor: the flooring’s neutral colour. 

The base shade of grey harmonises perfectly with the types of wood used in Dietmann furniture and creates an elegant atmosphere in the showroom. The brushed surface is very natural and extremely tough thanks to the NaturaLin surface. The flooring brings out the best in the furniture and decorative objects being displayed in the room. The floor was laid by the HARO partner company Aufbaudesign Czajka, a company that specialises in furniture store showrooms. 

Designer furniture meets elegant parquet
Schwanfeld, Germany
160 square metres
Photo / Hamberger Flooring GmbH&Co.KG/ HARO

HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-strip, Oak Shell Grey