Orange Campus

HARO sports floors are found wherever athletes play hard. The new OrangeCampus in Neu-Ulm is not just the venue where the players of Ulmer Ratiopharm, a member of Germany’s first-division professional basketball league, practise and play their games. It is also home to a brand-new basketball academy for up-and-coming stars, a conference centre, a fitness studio and a restaurant. The games and practise sessions are conducted on HARO sports floors.

The success enjoyed by the Ulm basketball community built around the first-division team BBU `01 ranks right up with that of the FC Bayern basketball team in Munich. You simply have to take a quick glance at the table to see why: Both Bavarian clubs are ranked very close to each other. The ambitious project in Neu-Ulm was made possible by the support of the team’s deep-pocketed main sponsor, Ratiopharm. The pharmaceutical company has taken basketball in this city on the Danube to the next level. The OrangeCampus opened at the end of last year provides not just the stars of the first-division Ulm basketball team BBU `01 with a new arena to play their games. The complex also includes two other courts, a basketball academy, a conference room, an oversized fitness studio and a restaurant called “Uuulmers”, an addition to Ulm’s restaurant community whose culinary treats can be enjoyed by everyone and not just athletes. 

HARO sports floors add spring to Neu-Ulm basketball 

The equipment used in the OrangeCampus is world-class, both inside and outside the facility. In athletic terms, the building is a true paradise for all basketball players, regardless of their ability. Designers selected the HARO sports floor Helsinki with 12.6 millimetre plate elements for the floor in the main hall, an arena that can seat 500 fans. Thanks to its space elasticity, the special floor absorbs up to 60 percent of energy during impact and effectively protects players from injury in the process. Nonetheless, ball rebound totals an unbelievable 98 percent, a feature that truly facilitates perfect, fast play. The HARO sports floor München (Munich) was selected for the smaller courts. This floor is also space-elastic and includes a linoleum covering. The surface provides not just exceptional grip and tremendous durability. Thanks to its elasticity, it ensures that players’ ankles are optimally protected and that falls result in no serious injuries. HARO is represented by a total of 3,720 square metres of the finest sports floors at this model athletic facility. It is also really pleased that it can help the Ulm basketball team to write its next success story. 

OrangeCampus – the Neu-Ulm basketball academy
a total of 3,720 square metres
Foto: Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG/ HARO

Sport floors Helsinki and München