Castell-Park Bonn

Inclusion is a social challenge, particularly when it comes to construction. The company Bauen für Menschen GmbH has created an impressive example of the way that inclusive living works today: the Castell-Park in Bonn.

The park is located directly next to the LVR Hospital in Bonn, the former capital of Germany located along the Rhine River. Bauen für Menschen GmbH has erected a residential area with 119 flats on the site. The project exemplifies the idea of inclusive living. In addition to offering apartments with one room to four rooms, the project includes a residential home for 24 handicapped individuals and a residential building for 32 employees of the hospital next door. 

A property already located at the site is being completely renovated as well. This building will have 30 flats that will come in a range of floor plans and sizes. All planned flats will be barrier free, and several of the units will be designed in particular for individuals who use wheelchairs. The special appeal of the residential area is its location in a spacious park filled with old, healthy trees. 

HARO design flooring was used both in the new building for hospital employees and the assisted-living facility. Future residents will be able to enjoy the design flooring, which is extremely comfortable in every possible way. DISANO design flooring, like DISANO Project in the styles Mountain Oak and Sand Oak that was laid here, combines exceptional warmth underfoot and gentle resilience with the highest level of durability and the easiest form of cleaning. The DISANO floors of HARO contain absolutely no harmful substances like PVC and phthalates. The have also earned the German environmental seal Blauer Engel (blue angel). The elegant style lends a homey atmosphere to the bright living rooms. 

Castell-Park Bonn: Construction project with an inclusion character
a total of 1,700 square metres
Foto / Bauen für menschen GmbH, Christoph Bovie

HARO DISANO Project Sand Oak, Mountain Oak