The special fascination created by thoroughbred, premium-segment sports cars has a new home. A world-class showroom has been created in the PAMO WORLD, an automotive centre located just a stone’s throw away from the Lake Constance in Bodman-Ludwigshafen. The PAMO WORLD brings car lovers together in a completely new way.

The PAMO WORLD located just steps away from Lake Constance has very little in common with an auto dealership: The newly erected showroom is filled with 20 classy sports cars that are elegantly displayed in the subdued atmosphere of the exhibition areas An exquisite lounge, the so-called living room, is located in the centre of the PAMO WORLD. It is surrounded by the showrooms for the sports cars and super cars.

The vision of the PAMO WORLD’s creators was quite simple: They wanted to create a place where lovers of sports cars and super cars could met, talk shop and get to know one another. Of course, fans of such brands as Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Maserati can also “simply buy a car” here. But the PAMO WORLD’s owners – Kevin Maurer, Martin Döring and Sören Maurer – say such sales rarely happen. PAMO WORLD is more of a communication centre where conferences, meetings and events that focus on dream cars and car dreams are held.

1,000 square metres of elegant inspiration 

An extravagant floor was one of the top priorities for the design of the exclusive lounge in the centre of the PAMO WORLD. A parquet floor made by HARO won the race. The tasteful furniture in lounge has been liberally assembled on a floor made up of Smoked Oak Sauvage Plank 1-Strip, a parquet floor that perfectly combines liveliness and serious aesthetics. This 90-square-metre lounge is the ideal place where visitors can talk about the world’s most exciting and sporty cars in a friendly atmosphere. The PAMO WORLD team has made its dream come true and created a unique mix of living room and showroom. 

The ultimate sports car experience: The PAMO WORLD
90 square metres

HARO Parquet Plank 1-Strip Smoke Oak Sauvage