A very warm welcome!


Welcome to our family business – a business that has stood for quality and innovation for more than 150 years and that strives to make life and living in the home more comfortable and pleasant with beautiful and natural flooring.

欢迎来到我们的家族企业 – 150多年以来一直都是品质的代表、一家坚持创新的企业,致力于用美丽和天然的地板让自然的艺术在家里流淌。

HARO over the course of time


The years pass and some things change: The small family business, which was founded by Franz Paul Hamberger in 1866 as a matchstick production plant, sawmill and brickyard, is today Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer. Other things stay the same: After more than 150 years Hamberger remains a family business to this day, managed by the company owners in the fourth and fifth generations.

世界上有些事情是会随着时间而改变的:弗朗兹·波尔·汉贝格先生 1866 年在巴伐利亚的罗森海姆兴建的地板锯木小厂,现如今已经成为世界上顶尖的实木地板生产基地之一。


Franz Paul Hamberger
Franz Paul Hamberger
(1831 – 1912)

1st generation

Franz Paul II Hamberger
Franz Paul II Hamberger (1862 – 1945)
Max Hamberger
Max Hamberger (1866 – 1917)
2nd generation
Franz Hamberger
Franz Hamberger (1895 – 1979)
Max II Hamberger
Max II Hamberger (1895 – 1987)
Rudolf Hamberger
Rudolf Hamberger(1901 – 1972)
3rd generation
Peter Hamberger
Peter Hamberger
4th generation
Dr Peter M. Hamberger
Dr Peter M. Hamberger
5th generation